Air Freight

Pantos Logistics provides a differentiated logistics service. You can expect Pantos Logistics to help you successfully troubleshoot your logistical problems anywhere in the world.

Pantos Logistic is ready to carry your goods to any destination in the world safely and promptly. Pantos Logistics is ready to serve as your reliable logistics partner.

Introduction to our services

Air-freight Service

Pantos Air-freight ServicePantos Logistics offers reasonable freight rates and a stable operational schedule that satisfy diverse customer requirements under a strategic alliance made with more than 50 major airlines all over the world.

Our strength

Pantos Logistics provides a differentiated airfreight service and hi-tech logistics facilities, such as the Work Station, Bypass Line and Storage Line, to provide a customized logistics service for import, export, courier delivery, sea and air transportation, customs clearance and storage.

Pantos Logistics became the country’s first business to provide a paperless airfreight service with the aim if giving customers ultimate satisfaction. Since February 2008, master airway bills (MAWBs), house airway bills (HAWBs) and house manifests (HMFSTs) have been handled in electronic form, making it possible for customers to save on the time and expense required for the printing, retention and dispatch of documents and the checking of airfreight-related information on a real time basis.

Consolidation Service

Pantos Consolidation ServiceUnder the airfreight consolidation service, a forwarder collects cargoes from customers, consolidates them on a pallet or in a container, and delivers them to an airline for transportation.

Our strength

Pantos Logistics has accumulated vast experience in airfreight service over a period of more than 30 years, maintaining strategic alliances with more than 50 major airlines all around the world. Pantos Logistics does all it can and more to provide the best possible service to its customers, even for the smallest of cargoes, taking into account every single factor, down to the specific characteristics of airplanes and airfreight rates.

Aircraft Charter Service

Pantos Aircraft Charter ServiceThe Aircraft Charter Service is generally employed in urgent or pressing situations for the transportation of a large volume of, or large-sized, cargoes, using a chartered plane, regardless of the cargo type, transportation distance or existing transportation routes.

Having secured the widest network of cooperating airlines among Korean logistics companies, Pantos Logistics provides its customers with the optimal Aircraft Charter Service.

Our strength

Pantos Logistics’ professional staff at the logistics center at Incheon International Airport handle cargoes loaded onto chartered airplanes using a unit load device (ULD), ensuring that cargoes are transported to their final destination safely and promptly.

Fully utilizing its position as the No. 1 airfreight handling company in Korea, Pantos Logistics wields strong negotiating power in its relations with airlines all around the world, making it possible to secure charter planes and ensure the transportation of cargoes to their destination on time, even during periods of peak demand.

Door-to-Door Service

Pantos Door to Door ServiceThis service entails a method of transportation which combines the merits of airfreight and overland transportation. It provides the safest and most prompt transportation service from the exporter’s locale to the importer’s warehouse.

Our strength

Customers can leave everything – including packing, transportation, customs clearance and door-to-door delivery, as well as documentation – in the secure hands of Pantos Logistics’ professional employees and its solid network of overseas branches.

Sea and Air Service

Pantos Sea and Air ServiceThe Sea and Air Service combines the merits of different transportation methods, i.e. the low freight rates of ocean transportation and the rapidity of air freight. A good example of such a combination is ocean transportation from China to Korea and then air freight from Korea to Europe, or ocean transportation from Korea to the U.S. and than air freight from the U.S. to Europe.

Our strength

Pantos Logistics’ 70-plus logistics points in 30 countries enable the Company to provide the most reliable Sea and Air Service by coping with rapidly changing situations based on real-time information collected from the departure, transit and destination points