Pantos Logistics is ready to open a new chapter in the logistics industry as your future-oriented business partner.

Pantos Logistics Logo

Pantos Logistics LogoThe new Pantos Logistics logo symbolizes the dynamism and integrity of a company geared towards becoming a world-class logistics provider. The lines extending to the right and left of. and up and down the “P” at the symbol mark represent the idea of route and direction – key elements of logistics – as well as Pantos Logistics’ gigantic leap into the wider world. The cross shown in the negative represents a form of light emanating from the center of the world, symbolizing our corporate potential and our ambition to reach for the top. The blue color used in the logo symbolizes safety and trust, while the orange color used in the symbol mark symbolizes our corporate friendship and passion.

Corporate Name

Corporate NameThis is Pantos Logistics’ corporate name, which is used to communicate our company to others with or without the logotype. It is used with document forms, prints, and signatures. The following types are used to express trust and dignity without being typed.


SignatureA combination of signatures is a combination of logotypes and symbols. Pantos Logistics’ signatures can be expresses both in positive and negative. The positive signature delivers a clean image when used on documents, etc. The negative signature is used as the tab method with the system. The brightness of the orange color should be carefully used. The size, the ratio, and the location should not be modified.


Signature Usage Symbol Type

Signature Usage Symbol TypeSignatures can be used in both positive and negative.To boost their visibility, the symbol “P” can be expanded by 120%. Signature logotypes are used for promotional purposes and for signing documents. Take care not to disturb the overall balance of the logotype.


Signature Usage Tab Type

Signature Usage Tab TypeSignature logotypes can be used in both positive and negative types. The tap method should be used in document forms, prints, webs , and other particular items. When using the tab, a border should be used together. Also, the following specified logo’s negative space ratio, border ratio,and the margin relations should be taken into account.


Main Color

Main ColorThe main color is blue, which symbolizes our logistics company’s great dream and trustworthiness. Also, the orange color symbolizes the passion and energy of Pantos Logistics, which aims to be a world-class company. Depending on the use of positive or negative logotypes, the orange color of the symbol “P” should be carefully used.


Color Usage

Color UsagePantos Logistics’ basic background colors are white and blue. Brightness of 30% to 70% should not be used in Pantos Logistics’ logotypes, and only the prescribed colors should be used; otherwise, prior consultation is needed with the related department.


Incorrect Usage

Incorrect UsageThe example on the left shows the misuse of a logotype. An erroneous use of color, the incorrect name, and an erroneous relation of these elements with the background can easily happen. Correct usage of these elements is required to enhance the company’s image and to ensure effective communication.


Typeface Korean

Typeface KoreanPantos Logistics’ Korean standard typefaces are yun gothic type and yun Ming type, and can also be used as in long, flat and italic varieties in addition to the standard type. Yun gothic type is used for long texts, document forms, and subjects. Yun Ming type is is used as a decorative element with various images. The prescribed typeface shown on the left should in principle be used, but flexible use may be allowed according to the media in which the typeface is used.


Typeface English

Typeface KoreanPanto’s English standard typefaces are universe and times.These common typefaces are utilized on document forms, prints, etc. A dim typeface is used for titles and headlines to distinguish them from the main text. Typefaces should in principle be used, but flexible usage may be allowed according to the media in which they are used.


Clear Space

Clear SpaceThe minimum space regulation defines a minimum margin that allows for communication uninterrupted by the surrounding elements. To boost the logotype’s visibility and recognizability, sufficient space needs to be secured; otherwise, the following minimum space regulation should be observed to ensure efficient communication.



PatternPantos Logistics’ patterns are signature and symbol. Patterns are used on packaging paper and other items as decoration and as an expression of Pantos Logistics’ identity.