Pantos Logistics provides a differentiated logistics service. You can expect Pantos Logistics to help you successfully troubleshoot your logistical problems anywhere in the world.

Pantos Express
The Company operates more than 156 local branches or corporations in 39 countries, making it the largest of any overseas operational network owned by a Korean logistics business. It competes with world—famous express delivery businesses, taking advantage of its hi—tech overseas cargo tracking system (e-Speed Track), freight rate competitiveness, and logistics center at Incheon Intemational Airport.

ePantos Tracking (

ePantos Tracking

Introduction to our services

Pantos Express

Pantos Express Pantos Express

Pantos Express

Pantos Express provides the Export/Import Service as well as door-to-door and door-to-airport services worldwide based on its long accumulated know-how and experience in transportation and customs clearance. The Company helps customer businesses to enhance their competitiveness by troubleshooting their problems with customs clearance and payment of customs duties. Launched in 2006, Pantos Express now handles 700,000 ~ 800,000 outbound express cargoes each year.

At present, it is expanding its nationwide network of sales representatives in an effort to engage in more proactive business towards B20 as well as B28.

One-Stop Transporting Logistics Service

Pantos One-Stop Transporting Logistics Service

Pantos Logistics provides an inland transportation service for air and ocean-freighted cargoes. The Company, having equipped itself with vehicles suitable for all kinds of cargoes, does all it can and more to meet the customers’ specific requirements by selecting transportation routes that will minimize the customers’ logistics expenditure. Pantos Logistics’ one-stop inland transportation service is linked with the international logistics system, thereby ensuring that customers can economize their logistics expenses to the greatest possible extent.

Our strength

Pantos Express boasts strong competitiveness in Asia and Middle Asia. The Company offers an overnight package pickup and delivery service between Korea and other parts of Asia, and a two-day service between Korea and Delhi/Mumbai, India, the fastest service provided by any Korean express delivery business.

In May 2008, Pantos Express began providing a customs clearance and courier service encompassing the entire Middle Eastern area through its local corporation in Dubai, the first of its kind provided by a Korean logistics business.

Pantos Express operates e-Speed Track, a hi-tech overseas cargo tracking system which enables customers to check the present locations of their packages on the Internet ( The system makes it possible for customers to check information on the status of package dispatch reservation, and management of the history concerning dispatch, and to inquire about the result success of the package delivery to the final destination.