Pantos Logistics Acquires AEO Certification in Poland after Germany and the Benelux

Pantos logistics has acquired the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate in Poland.

Pantos logistics, which had acquired the AEO certification for its German and Benelux branches in 2011, recently received the AEO certification for its Poland branch from customs and thus was internationally acknowledged to have built an import/export safety management system that complies with global standards.

With the certification, Pantos logistics will be able to receive administrative benefits related to tariffs such as fast customs clearance, reduced document requirements and lower inspection frequency when clearing customs for import/export cargo for the appropriate countries, and will receive the same benefits when clearing customs for countries with AEO certification Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA).

Pantos logistics plans to acquire AEO certifications for its European branches including those in the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Italy.
The Poland branch representative stated that, “The safety and reliability of our global logistics service were internationally acknowledged. Through this certification, we will be able to provide safer and faster global logistics services.”


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