Pantos Logistics Completes Building Nation-Wide Delivery System In Indonesia

Pantos Home Delivery - MNC Shop

Pantos Logistics has finalized building the nation-wide delivery network system and is now focus on targeting the domestic logistics market. Making a logistics agreement with MNC GS Shop, which is a local joint corporation of GS Shop in Indonesia, Pantos Logistics announced that it has launched the ‘Home Delivery Service’ that will be offered nation-wide in Indonesia.

Under the new system, Pantos Logistics keeps and delivers goods and offers a payment settlement service for products ordered by Home shopping consumers through its own 11 delivery bases including Jakarta, Medan, Lampung, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Makassar. It is expected that the amount of delivery cases done through the ‘Home Delivery Service’ will reach as much as 200,000 annually.

In Indonesia, the biggest economy in South-East Asia, domestic demand accounts for more than 60% of GDP, which means the domestic consumers’ market is active, and domestic demand is in the constant rise. However, due to its geographic condition in which the country consists of about 17,500 islands and poor logistics infrastructure, there are also many restrictions for carrying out logistics service in Indonesia.

For the reliable delivery, Pantos Logistics has classified the whole nation into three different zones: zones of 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours delivery service each. Moreover, using flight, middle & small sized trucks and motorcycle, Pantos Logistics has finalized the most optimized integrated delivery system for each zone. Furthermore, while coming up with a cargo-tracking system, it has constantly been securing warehouses and delivery/transportation infrastructure as in the case where warehouses (Regional Distribution Center) and offices were additionally secured in major regions of Indonesia in addition to the 70,000 square meters of huge logistics center near Jakarta.

“Pantos Logistics is going to aggressively target the demands on Indonesian logistics market through a series of measures such as successful Home Delivery Service, a new business based on the nation-wide logistics network,” a Pantos Logistics official said.


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