Pantos Logistics Wins Prestigious Achievement

Pantos Logistics Wins Prestigious Achievement

PT. Pantos Logistics is a well known provider of logistic and supply chain management in Indonesia.

In fact, in SWA Magazine, was recently chosen as a customer favorite through a survey of logistics companies as offering the most satisfying services and being the best deliverers of a variety of goods and documents. In the final results, Pantos Logistics won in the Best of Integrated Logistics Solution Category with a 100% satisfaction score and an 80% recommended score.

Note: The total number of respondents was 257, all of which were business representatives who have had experience with logistics service providers. The method of the survey was face to face questioning which took place in the Jabodetabek area from September to October, 2012. The source is SWA Magazine. (SAILINGS/PR/NW/ERIC)


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