Rail & Road Transportation

Pantos Logistics provides a differentiated logistics service. You can expect Pantos Logistics to help you successfully troubleshoot your logistical problems anywhere in the world.

Pantos Logistics provides a differentiated rail and road transportation service that optimizes logistics routes with the aim of giving ultimate satisfaction to the customer.

Introduction to our services

TCR/TSR Service

Pantos TCR/TSR Service Pantos TCR/TSR Service

Pantos TCR/TSR ServicePantos Logistics provides a service for the transportation of cargoes bound for the CIS countries, Eastem Europe and Central Asia via the TSR (T rans-Siberian Railroad) and the TCR (Trans-China Railroad). It does its utmost to optimize its transportation service in close cooperation with local branches or corporations in Moscow, Almati, and Kiev. It handles 4,000 FEU-class containers as Shipper’s Own Cargoes and guarantees timely railroad transportation and the efficient tracing of cargoes in CIS countries.

Our strength

Pantos Logistics has secured the status of the TSR and TCR service as the logistics business handling and operating the widest network of freight depots in the CIS countries and Central Asia.

Concerning its TSR service, Pantos Logistics began operating the 9-hectare Tuchkovo Logistics Complex near Moscow, Russia.

The Tuchkovo Logistics Complex serves as a logistics hub for the receipt of cargoes arriving via the TSR and their dispatch to inland areas in Russia, the CIS countries, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. It has the capacity to handle about 3,400 TEUs of containers a day, has acquired the license to operate a 2,100 ㎡ bonded shed, and has the capacity to clear 320 TEUs of containers through customs each day.

Pantos Logistics is the only Korean business to have obtained both the Russian and Kazakhstan customs clearance licenses. It operates a department responsible for making contracts to operate bonded warehouses within railroad stations and customs clearance depots for prompt customs clearance for customers using the TSR and TCR service. The Company also provides a one-stop inland transportation service within the CIS countries, using its own trucks.

Inland Transportation Service

Pantos Inland Transportation ServicePantos Logistics provides an inland transportation service for air and ocean-freighted cargoes. The Company, having equipped itself with vehicles suitable for all kinds of cargoes, does all it can and more to meet the customers’ specific requirements by selecting transportation routes that will minimize the customers’ logistics expenditure. Pantos Logistics’ one-stop inland transportation service is linked with the international logistics system, thereby ensuring that customers can economize their logistics expenses to the greatest possible extent.

Our strength

Pantos Logistics operates storage/transportation service. The Company carries out its business in close cooperation with over 30 domestic trucking companies, seeing to it that customers’ cargoes are delivered to their final destinations promptly, accurately and safely.

Pantos Logistics helps its customers to take care of their cargo transportation with know-how accumulated over many years in the bonded transportation business, in addition to operating the e-TMS System developed in-house to provide customers with prompt information on the present locations of their cargoes.