Sea Freight

Pantos Logistics provides a differentiated logistics service. You can expect Pantos Logistics to help you successfully troubleshoot your logistical problems anywhere in the world.

Our focus is reducing customer’s logistics expenses by our accurate knowledge, information relating to world ocean routing, extensive experiences, and excellent know-how in marine transportation.

Introduction to our services

Container Services

Pantos Container ServicesPantos Logistics does its very best to offer the highest possible stability in cargo handling, in addition to promptness and economy of operation. Pantos Logistics focuses on being systematic in its entire logistics operation, ranging from packing to transportation, stevedoring and storage..

Our strength

We are strongly Bonded with 150 liner service shipping lines and provide customers with the customized
transportation service. service contract with all major Shipping lines. Based on our consistent handling of large volumes, our customers will benefit from significantly reduced costs.

LCL Service or Consolidation Service

Pantos LCL Service or Consolidation ServiceLCL (Less than Container Load) cargoes bound for the same destination are collected at a container freight station (CFS) or at an inland container depot (ICD) to be put into a container for ocean transportation.

Our strength

Because we provide our customers with one-stop service through our global multimodal transportation and logistics network, our LCL service and Consolidation service is both trusted and unique. All the work will be handled within our organization without outsourcing to any freight forwarding company.

Bulk/Project Cargo Service

Pantos Bulk/Project Cargo ServiceFor each specific project, Pantos Logistics provides a comprehensif logistics service in consultation with the contractor, taking responsibility for the entire process, encompassing shipping out from the factory to delivery to the jobsite in a foreign country, making the necessary arrangements to secure suitable storage space on the destination country. Not only that, but the Company also provide a consulting service related to customs clearance.

Pantos Transit Process

Our strength

PANTOS has extensive transportation experience with various Bulk/Project cargo such as crude oil, petrochemicals, equipment and parts for power plants, oil refineries, gas terminals, etc. By reviewing all relevant rules and laws of the destination country, we are able to present all possible transportation options. In addition, we offer the best routing options through research of various intermodal options. Most notably, PANTOS provides customers service which covers the manufacturing sight to the ultimate destination job site through pre-planning and post delivery service.

Door to Door Service

Pantos Door to Door ServiceA method of transportation that maximizes the merits of containers, the door-to-door service assumes full responsibility for transportation from the exporter’s warehouse in the destination country.

Our strength

We provide a comprehensive transportation service from your shed to recipient door which covers all the
services (packing, transporting, customs clearance, documentation).